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Overlays / Resurfacing

Concrete Overlays & Resurfacing can save you alot of time, money & mess for the right applications

Its a multitude of applications that can be applied decoratively to any concrete surface to create a picture perfect product ….most likely on a crack and ugly slab

We have many applications such as:

– hopper textured spray down (great for pools for its texture)

– stencil and carved knockdown trowel

– seamless stamped overlays

– stamped / impressed overlays

– broom finish and so many more

Our applications are used indoor and outdoor and probably in many business’s you have even been too

Patio Stamped Concrete

Its saves costs and money from ripping out the old concrete or interupting your business with all the work

We can Overlay your pool, garage, basement, kitchen, family, business entrance, stairs, patio or salesroom floor

Just call us for your FREE, NO HASSLE, Consulation and let us show you what we can do!