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Epoxy floors is the newest and latest trend in Decorative flooring for residential applications, however, its plainer applications have been around for years and years in the commercial & industrial sector

We offer epoxy flooring that are resilient to even to most moisture emitting basement floors to add that Satin or gloss finish!

We can colour it , enhance it with a Reflector floor, flake it, add quartz and all for the guaranteed cost of LESS then tiles and around the same as good laminate flooring and less if you consider a subfloor

Reflector enhanced Epoxy floors are by far the best looking and durable floors that can be created to date!

They are as rigid and strong as any concrete and resistant to oil spills and chemicals

Epoxy Basement

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Some applications for Epoxy Include:

*Residential – Garages, basements, kitchens or ANY room in the house

*Industrial – All applications

*Commercial – All applications (Restaurants, kitchens, retail showrooms, boardrooms, mechanic shops and so many more

**We can add further protective coatings, chemical coatings & non slip treatment